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A Series of Unsatisfying Results-Part 3

One of my favorite meals, and smells, is Coq au Vin…there’s some of my many years of Canadian French classes coming into use. Lol (Sounds fancy, but if you haven’t heard of it…it’s pretty much just chicken cooked in wine, garlic and spices.)

When I made this, I was trying to use up some leftover wine I had in the fridge. (I know, what SANE person has leftover wine?) But on this occasion, I seemed to. The wine I had on hand, was a white wine and the final product didn’t come out quite as good as I remember it to be. Because of this, I would recommend using a red wine instead.

Don’t forget…“Don’t be afraid to play with your food!” (I think this has become my new motto…cause I am ALWAYS doing this)

For the recipe, please click here.

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