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A Series of Unsatisfying Results-Part 4

This is my very first experience making gluten-free cookies. These were good, just I wish they were a little more crunchy and less chewy. But from what I’ve read, that’s a common problem with gluten-free cookies.

The reason I made these, isn’t because I’m now eating gluten-free…it’s because I bought some coconut flour a while ago, thinking it would be fun to experiment with. Little did I know at the time, you can’t just substitute coconut flour for regular flour in recipes. So it’s been a bit tricky to use up.

I found several recipes online for guidance in making these. This is a small batch, simply because who wants a large batch of something they’re not sure they’re gonna like?

Remember…“Don’t be afraid to play with your food!”

For the recipe, please click here.

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