Hello & thank you for coming to my blog, here’s a bit about myself…


I am a Canadian born and raised but now living in Oklahoma and have been for a little over 10 years. I have been married for about the same amount of time. No children, no pets. I have been a Graphic Designer for over 11 years. I also have a diploma in Catering and Gourmet cooking. Most of my Graphic Design experience has been in the newspaper industry designing ads and occasionally laying out pages. As for my Catering and Gourmet cooking diploma, I’ve never really used it except for cooking for parties, family gatherings or just for my hubby and I at home.

I decided, several months ago to give up the stressful, deadline based office job and become a housewife, so I could take better care of myself & my husband. No more highly processed food! Also, having plenty of household projects to work on that my husband and I have wanted or started to do but have never been able to finish. With both of us working full-time, and sometime crazy hours, we were both exhausted once we got home. And so these projects sat there, taunting and driving me mad.

This blog is about helping people simplify healthier and budget friendly lifestyle choices by sharing my frustrations, fails, successes, and experiments that I have cultivated since I have become a housewife. Tips and tricks that have failed or been successful, products I’ve used that were good or bad and general frustrations and experiences of life.

I don’t claim to be a guru on anything, nor do I claim to be the best at writing or grammar. This blog is just my humble thoughts, honest opinion, experiences, and comical outlook on the things that go on in the average everyday life of this housewife.


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