A Series of Unsatisfying Results-Part 1

Alright, so I’ve been busy trying different ideas and experiments. All have been edible…but not quite what I had hoped for.

The first concoction I tried, was creating my own pasta salad recipe. (The weather has been overly hot this summer here in Oklahoma, so cool dinners have been more appealing than hot ones.)

Since I made this the first time, I have improved the recipe. The first pasta salad, was the first time I tried this product out and I didn’t put in NEAR enough for it to make a difference in the taste. (You could add a half a packet of ranch seasoning mix…but that would also add quite a bit of sodium, plus likely unpronounceable ingredients.)

20150805_145638-1 (2)

So here is the “improved” recipe, but still…there is something missing. I’m pretty sure it’s the salt taste that I crave, but we are trying VERY hard to not add salt to food. (I know the ingredients list looks a bit daunting, but trust me, once it’s all chopped it’s easy.)

Hope you enjoy!

For the recipe, please click here.

(I feel like I’ve mentioned this before, but can’t find where. I’m sure someone famous has said it before, I don’t think *I* could have thought it up on my own…”Don’t be afraid to play with your food!” Figure out what you like/don’t like and create something that suites YOUR tastes.)

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