Hummingbird Nectar

I know this is late in the season for me to be posting this, but I’ve always assumed people know how to make this. (You know what they say about assuming!!)

Well just incase there are some of you out there that DON’T know how to make your own hummingbird nectar. Here is the recipe and it’s super easy.

Yes, you can BUY hummingbird nectar, but the stuff with the red dye in it isn’t really good for the birds. Plus it’s easy to make, so why not make it?

You will need to clean and rinse the feeder out weekly and put in fresh nectar at that time. (Especially in the heat we’ve been having, it tends to mildew or mold quickly, hummers seem to be able to tell when it’s not good for eating)

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For the recipe, please click here.


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