Giddiness Over the Simple Things

It always surprises me how giddy I get with things I can accomplish that people used to do out of necessity in the Pioneer days.

I know LOTS of people out there are probably snickering at this, cause many people do this several ways, and it’s no big deal to them. But…did YOU know you can make your OWN butter?! And it’s actually really easy, and not overly time-consuming!!!

I had MY doubts at first too…but it’s TRUE! I couldn’t believe just HOW simple this was the first time I did it. I can’t take credit for the idea though, I found the recipe/idea here…Homemade butter. (You will find the ingredients list there and most of the directions. Read my comments below for making it in your food processor instead of stand mixer).

As you know by now, I usually don’t follow something exactly. I didn’t add the milk or carrot (Those are just to add more color to it so it has a more yellow color). I just used the heavy cream(Organic of course) and salt. (If you want unsalted butter, I believe you could just leave out the salt) I tried to make this in my mixer…at first…and I believe she states that it can be messy, it was a disaster for me…(Of course I can be a bit of a neat freak.) There was cream splattering out of the mixing bowl and all-over my mixer, even with a towel over it. So, I decided…or read in the comments (Can’t remember which) to make it in my food processor!! That way it could splash around all it wanted and it’s not everywhere in my kitchen, it that would only leave me ONE thing to clean…in the dishwasher!! 😉

This is one of those recipes you have to watch closely, there are stages you need to watch for. You do NOT want to over mix it. (Which of COURSE I did…but managed to make it work) Once you see and hear the food processor sounding a bit more labored than usual, and the cream is sticking together, you want to change to just pulsing the machine. It won’t become like a dough-ball where it ALL clumps up and spins in the processor, but you’ll notice there is less and less liquid. When you hit that stage, stop the processor and strain the “buttermilk” (with a bowl under the strainer from the butter. (Now you have some buttermilk for other baking needs as well). Then follow the rest of the directions at the link above. Starting at around step 5.

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