Clean Onion Soup Mix

OnionSoup_mixI don’t know about you guys, but when I originally started “Clean Eating” there were SO MANY things I never thought about. I used Onion soup mix for lots of things, and in the beginning never thought about how processed it was or what was in it. It’s dried stuff, it’s SOUP mix, there can’t be anything bad in it, right? (Once I picked up a box and looked at the ingredients I realized I couldn’t pronounce some of them.)

The following, is a “Clean Eating” recipe. It doesn’t taste exactly the same as most Onion Soup mixes. I think for it to taste more like what you are used to, you would need to add a little beef bouillon powder. I haven’t looked for a “Clean” version of that, so I don’t know if there is one.

When I made this, I doubled the recipe, simply because I knew I would use it a LOT, plus it will keep for about 2 months.

The recipe looks intimidating due to the long list of ingredients. You can always adjust and shorten to your taste. You could probably take out the turmeric, but it’s so healthy for you…I like to keep it in. You can also take out the sugar and salt if you prefer. Literally, if you can measure ingredients you can make this. There’s nothing else to it and as always, feel free to experiment! 🙂

For the recipe, please click here.

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