Organization “Life Hack” Busted…Possibly


I’m sure you’ve all seen those lists “Life Hacks” for all kinds of cool stuff. I fall for those every time I see them, cause there might be something in there I haven’t seen/read yet. Most of the time they are a repeat and I’ve already seen them.

It’s one thing to read them,  it’s another thing to remember just ONE of them when you can use it.

Well…one actually DID pop into my brain, at a time that I could use it…but it turned out not to be one of the BETTER hacks I’ve read.

Let me set the scene for you…my husband and I had a bunch of presents to wrap recently, and that reminded me that we needed to organize our wrapping paper rolls better. (they were already in a neat container, but they kept unraveling and getting crunched when putting a roll back.) “Life hack to the rescue!!”

I had remembered reading that you can use empty toilet paper rolls as “cuffs” to keep your wrapping paper from unraveling. “GREAT!!! I will start saving toilet paper rolls.” After saving several, the day came when we needed to wrap the presents, so as my husband wrapped I organized. (Needless to say I didn’t save ENOUGH toilet paper rolls for the amount of wrapping paper rolls we had…mistake #1.) But, I decided I could cut them into thirds and I should have enough.

Here is where problems started:
1. Not all wrapping paper rolls are large enough for toilet paper rolls to work as a cuff. Some are quite a bit smaller in diameter so the toilet paper cuff just slides off. (But, you can always tighten the toilet paper roll and tape it together…my own ingenuity there. lol)

2. Some wrapping paper rolls are larger or too large for the cuff to work.

20150722_1310223. Cutting them into thirds did NOT seem to work well. I think you need the longer length for the cuffs to hold their position.

4. The container we use to keep our wrapping paper organized, holds them upright, many of the cuffs I made/used slid down to the bottom the wrapping paper roll as soon as I got it in the storage container.

Most of these have been fixed in this picture. But you can tell some of them have already slid.
Most of these have been fixed in this picture. But you can tell some of them have already slid.

This is why I used the term “Possibly” in the title. I am certainly NOT ruling out “User Error” on this one. The fact that I cut them into thirds was definitely MY bad. As for the different size in wrapping paper tubes…maybe those are OLD rolls and this isn’t a problem anymore? The fact that this hack didn’t work…COULD be just me.

As far as I am concerned this “Hack” is not one of the better ones. It did help a bit on some of the tubes of wrapping paper, as you can tell from the picture below. But, there are just too many variables for this to work great for the most part. I will try it again without cutting them into thirds, but I know that won’t work on the smaller/larger diameter rolls. But maybe my tightening and taping will work for some of those?


Hope this saves you some wasted time and frustration.

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