Dirty Brown Rice


I know, if you’re like most people the idea of brown rice makes you say “ICK”. But I promise, this is fairly simple and it won’t be plain, dry, CHEWY brown rice like you’ve had in the past.

I’m NOT an aficionado on Dirty rice.  As you know from my bio, I am from…just about as far away from New Orleans as you can get. I didn’t know ANYTHING about dirty rice till I moved to Oklahoma. My husband introduced me to the instant kind you buy at the store, which isn’t bad, not as good as I’ve had at a restaurant. But I’m sure not NEAR as healthy for you as making it yourself. Even though I wasn’t raised with Dirty Rice as a staple, I think it still classifies as a “Comfort Food”. Especially if it’s cold and blustery outside. 🙂

This recipe is made somewhat healthier, using brown rice and a lot of non-processed ingredients. (It’s not completely processed-free…but better than “instant” ingredients I’m sure.) It takes a bit more time…but isn’t your health worth it? 😉

This isn’t exactly a “Low Fat” version, so if you’d like to substitute the ground sausage for another lower fat meat go right ahead. You may need to add more seasoning and a bit of oil, but I’m sure it will still be yummy!!

Click here for the recipe: http://www.tips2thetest.com/recipe/dirty-brown-rice


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