Homemade Bread Made Healthy

Homemade Bread

Making your own homemade bread instead of bread bought from the store, will not only help you eat less processed, healthier food, but will also save you a little money on a regular basis. You also have the added benefit of knowing exactly EVERYTHING that’s in it.

Seeing how I make bread now every week from fresh ground wheat berries, I thought I would share the recipe with you all.

The original recipe comes from the cookbook that came with my bread machine. I have modified it, so  it has a little less sodium, healthier fat (coconut oil mostly) and has a BIT of a firmer texture (Husband’s request due to him using it for sandwich bread for his work lunch most of the time.)

For the recipe please go here… http://www.tips2thetest.com/recipe/homemade-bread-made-healthy/


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