Making Your Own Laundry Soap

When I started planning on leaving my job. I spent evenings thinking of the different things I wanted to do or could do once I was no longer working outside of the house. I had pinned many things on my personal Pinterest, or took screen shots on my phone,  of stuff I wanted to try. A lot of DIY stuff. Laundry soap was one of them.

The first batch I made wasn’t quite what I had hoped for. Unfortunately I am not sure at this point where I got the recipe from, but it consisted of Borax, Washing Soda and shredded Castile soap or another type of laundry soap bar. You grated the soap bar and mixed all the ingredients together in a food processor or blender so that it all became a very fine powder. I loved the smell of it. (I used a combination of soap bars, one was lavender…which I LOVE) Needless to say it, causes a bit of a cloud when you were done mixing, and dump it into the container to store in.

I used it the first chance I could and was excited to see the results. But, it didn’t seem to get my clothes near as clean as my regular “bought” brand. Even though it smelled GREAT, I needed it to clean well. So I used it up gradually over the next couple months on loads that weren’t overly dirty.

After this experiment I did some research on comparisons of homemade laundry soap vs. store-bought laundry soap. There ended up being either a website or a blog about the top 20 homemade laundry soaps. (The website I no longer have, as it was a screenshot I took and the address bar is not in the photo) I wish I could give credit to whom ever I got this from. (I apologize in advance and if you happen to stumble upon this blog…PLEASE feel free to comment and take credit for this recipe.) The website had mentioned that there really isn’t a homemade laundry soap that will do quite as good of a job as a “bought” brand. Which, I kind of suspected would be the case. But I wanted to find something that would at least come close.

The recipe is below. I have tried this a couple of times, and I haven’t noticed too much of a difference between it and my regular brand. (Maybe I just haven’t had as dirty of laundry?) But I will warn you, for those who have a front-end loader, like I do, this produces a lot of bubbles and I know that’s supposed to be a “No-no” for front-end loaders. Maybe if you dilute it with a bit more water it won’t produce quite as much of a foam?

But give it a try, let me know how it works for you.

Homemade Laundry Soap

1/2 cup Borax
1/2 cup Washing soda
1/2 cup Dawn dish soap (haven’t tried this with other brands…but it may work just as well)

Add to this mixture 4 cups of hot water (It needs to be hot to dissolve the ingredients)
I recommend adding maybe 2 more cups of cold water at the end to dilute it a little more. (see if that helps with the extra bubbling)

I tried to fit this mixture into an old Quart milk jug…but it was a bit too small to hold it all. (Which might be why mine is so bubbly) You may need to stir-it-up once in a while as some stuff will settle on the bottom.


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