Fat Exchange

So along with this Clean Eating and trying to get healthier. I have come across many articles that talk about Coconut Oil.

I had never used it before, or heard much about it before. But now, you see stuff about it EVERYWHERE on the internet and it’s not just good for cooking, you can use it for MANY things around your house.

I bought some and dived right in on using it for many things. I’ve used it to season a new cast iron skillet I bought. I’ve used it to massage into my dried ends of my hair. I’ve used it to make a scalp cleaning solution to help my hair grow. I’ve used it to wash my face with. (I know, sounds kinda gross but you’d be surprised how good it does, how it has improved my breakouts…most of the time, and if you are careful it won’t leave your face too oily) I have used it as a substitute for butter in frying stuff and cooking, I have recently started experimenting with substituting it in baking.

Here’s a link that lists many uses for coconut oil. (Make sure it’s organic and virgin) http://www.diyncrafts.com/10302/home/200-brilliant-uses-coconut-oil-will-change-life-forever This website has a lot of great DIY stuff, have a look around.

The next post will give you information on how my FIRST baking experiment went with coconut oil. 😉 There will be more to come, don’t worry…and they seem to be getting better as I go.


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